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What Thoughts Are Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns Triggering in Your Customer’s Mind?

Did you know that most business owners market their business using ‘default marketing’?

Default marketing is where a business owner looks at what his competition are doing (or other types of businesses) and copies them. Why do we mistakenly believe that OTHER PEOPLE know more than we do? Why do we think that THEIR Social Media Marketing MUST be working (while ours isn’t)…? And lastly, why do we think that the way we marketed a product or service twenty years ago will work the same way today in Social Media?

Think about it…when you see an advertisement, a promise, a discount, a free-offer… what do YOU think? Do they motivate you to take action and buy the product or service? Generally speaking, NO. We’ve ‘heard it all before’… right?

So, if it doesn’t work on you, why do we think that this default, generic, copycat marketing will work for us? It’s because of default thinking. Default thinking creates default marketing. And that’s why the majority of businesses continually struggle with Social Media Marketing.

Business expert David Packard said “Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department”. Do you believe this to be true?
If you’ve been in business for some time you could probably appreciate where he’s coming from. Social Media Marketing isn’t a part-time venture.

So you have a few choices:

1. Learn how to market effectively
2. Educate one of your team members
3. Outsource to an expert, results-driven Social Media Marketing Company

Whichever course of action you take, it’s important to remember that ANYTHING you do to market your business will trigger certain thoughts and actions within your customer. celebcrunch That’s all marketing is, it’s a trigger to get someone to take action to buy your product or service.

Here are a few thoughts that are triggered by default marketing:

“I’ve heard this all before”.
“Yeah right”.
“What a load of BS”
“That could never work for me”
“I’ve tried that before and it didn’t work”
“I’ll get one next time”
“They’re going to try to sell me something”
Here is a list of positive thoughts triggered by clever marketing:
“Ooo, this looks interesting”.
“Hmmm…”. ”
“That’s amazing!”
“I wonder if I could get those results?”
“Will that work for me?”
“How do I do that?”
“How does he/she do that?”
“How can I get one of these?”
“Where do I signup?”

How can we overcome triggering negative thoughts within our customer?

Create a Guarantee – Remove the risk of them buying, think of the infomercials you see on late night TV). Make it clear, obvious and BIG.

Testimonials – Having existing customers mention the positive results they’ve achieved from using your product/service is what’s known as Social Proof, a powerful technique to embed in EVERY Social Media Marketing campaign.

Scarcity – If you’re wanting to buy a new car and you visit a car yard, imagine seeing one particular car that really catches your eye, the sales person lets you know they’re no longer producing such and such a car, and the one they have is the last one available in the country, and perhaps he’s got two other interested buyers… does your motivation to purchase that car increase or decrease? Of course it increases; we want to buy it before someone else does. The principle of scarcity is a powerful ally in Social Media Marketing campaigns.

Similarity – Do the images, testimonials, copywriting, fonts and language of your Social Media Marketing MATCH those of your target customer? We often buy because other people just like us, have or buy the same thing.

How do trends start? Why do they continue over a number of years? It’s because we see others our age wearing the same thing and we not only want to keep up, we want to feel accepted and part of the ‘in crowd’. This happens at any age. If our friends are buying caravans and doing trips around the country, if enough of them do it, eventually we’ll give in and join them.

These are just four principles of marketing that you can and should apply to any Social Media Marketing campaign you implement within your business if you’d like to achieve maximum results (leads, conversions, sales).

When you’re creating your Social Media Marketing campaign here are the essential questions to ask yourself before, during and after the creation of your campaign:

What do they really want?
How can I do this differently?
If I were them, what would motivate me to take action?
Would this really work?
What would they be thinking if they saw this?
How can I put this in such a way that they won’t feel like they’re being sold something?
How would I feel if I saw this?
What are their primary motivators in buying my product/service? How can I make these more known and obvious to them?
Why did my existing customers buy my product/service?

Use these questions as a checklist for every Social Media Marketing campaign you create and watch your results soar! And best of all, you’ll leave default marketing to your competitors.